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Automatic Liquid Vending Machine with Nozzle

Automatic Liquid Vending Machine with Nozzle in India

Introducing the Penguin Engineering Automatic Liquid Vending Machine with 2-3 Nozzles and a 75K-85K capacity is an advanced vending solution designed for dispensing a variety of liquid products efficiently in different settings such as malls, office complexes, or public areas. It provides automated and convenient access to multiple liquid items.

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Model 2 Nozzle Model 3 Nozzle Model
No. of Nozzles 2 (2-Flavour) 3 (3-Flavour)
Storage Capacity 10 LTR. (5*2=10 LTR) 15 LTR. (5*3=15 LTR)
Filling Speed 10 to 20 (60 second)
Power Consumption 220V, 50Hz, 50Watt
Material Used Stainless Steel
Filling Range 10 ML to 800 ML
Additional Features Coin-operating system, RFID system, Cooling and Heating system
Supported Liquids Hot tea, juice, coffee, shake, liquid, milk, buttermilk, lassi, curd, water, etc.
  • Touchscreen Interface: A user-friendly interface for selecting the desired liquid and specifying quantity or size.
  • Multiple Liquid Options: Capability to dispense various liquids such as water, juices, sodas, or other beverages.
  • Nozzle with Adjustable Flow: The nozzle may have an adjustable flow rate or different nozzle sizes to accommodate various container sizes and prevent spills.
  • Payment Systems: Integration with different payment methods like coins, bills, cards, or digital wallets for easy transactions.
  • User Customization: Options for customization, such as adding flavors, choosing carbonation levels, or selecting temperature preferences.
  • Safety Measures: Sensors to prevent overflow or detect when a container is in place to avoid spills.
  • Maintenance Alerts: Monitoring system to alert for maintenance needs like refilling the liquids, cleaning, or technical issues.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy-saving features to reduce power consumption during idle times.
  • Hygienic Design: Easy-to-clean surfaces, materials, and mechanisms to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control: Some advanced machines may offer remote monitoring and control capabilities for inventory management and diagnostics.
  • Smart Integration: Connectivity features for IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities, allowing for remote control, data collection, and analytics for usage patterns.